Introducing Accoya

Long Lasting, Sustainable Wood for Beautiful Windows and Doors

Timberglaze are an Accoya joinery manufacturer

Timberglaze are proud to be an accredited supplier of custom Accoya windows and doors.

At Timberglaze we use Accoya for our wooden windows and doors. This high-quality wood works really well for our custom joinery solutions, looking great and lasting for a long time.

Accoya is naturally weather-resistant, and doesn’t rot. It doesn’t swell or shrink, ensuring great-fitting windows and doors for their entire lifespan.

Our customers love that they can have beautiful custom wooden windows and doors that are low-maintenance and environmentally friendly.

We use Accoya in ...

Why Accoya?

Discover Why Timberglaze Use Accoya Wood

Download the Timberglaze guide to Accoya wood and uncover the features that sets this wood apart from alternatives.


Good Looking

Accoya windows and doors look great and will weather naturally.

Long Lasting

Accoya lasts a long time and is backed by a 50-year guarantee.

Sustainably Sourced

Accoya comes from sustainable forests and is 100% recyclable.